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How climate-friendly
is my Li-NMC battery?

LifeCycleCheck result (2020)

g CO2-eq/km*


* Production and end-of-life of a mid-class electric vehicle glider including the electric motor adds 20 g CO2-eq/km

This Li-NMC-battery (Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) is used in a battery-eletric passenger car. The battery-LifeCycleCheck result is valid for:

  • Battery capacity: 50 kWh
  • Lifetime in the electric vehicle: 200,000 km
  • Electricity consumption for operation: 20 kWh / 100km
  • Energy density: 130 Wh/kg

Battery LifeCycleCheck also includes other relevant environmental impacts (e.g. primary energy demand, acidification, water footprint)

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